This project operates in Primary & High Schools to support Parents &Schools.It empowers children& young people psychologically, educationally and socially.


12 Point Plan – ”Offer To Schools”

1: School Assembly Release heads or teachers time in preparing collective worship
2: Playground Mentoring – During lunch hour – General support and chat with pupils…providing extra eye to take care of any danger/ minimise if it happens

3: Behavioural Assistance -As in Up Holland High as a class in LFL

4: Educational Assistance-Homework after school

5: Classroom Support during class so teacher can teach and we handle with restless ones if any

6:Teach RE Classes- At the drop of a hat on any RE Topic

7: Counselling Support for Teachers or just a shoulder to lean on. They can also download our ebook titled ‘’How To Kiss Stress Goodbye from

8: Spiritual Oversight- Prayer Request over pressing issues thereby seeking God to release angelic cover over the school at all times which brings a change in the atmosphere and the life of the school as a whole.

9: After School Clubs – Gives up to 2 extra needed hours to parents to chill and do other things before their little treasures come back home. Absolute No brainer.

10: Physical Exercise during after school club

11: Family Support- Outside School with different family needs as required by the family including family Counselling

12: School Chaplaincy – If required.

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